Mandy + pat

After photographing literally hundreds of other couples weddings, we were so excited to plan our own  and put my knowledge to use!After all we are experts at weddings.

However, entire experience of planning our own wedding really gave us new insight into what goes into making a wedding magical.

So I would like to share with you what we learned from our own wedding.

TRUST, yes that's right TRUST.

Trust plays a huge role in having a great time at your wedding!
You need to TRUST that your wedding day is in the good hands of experts, and that's why you book professionals who know exactly how to bring your vision to life.

Once you do this, you can just sail through your big day being cool and carefree and believe me, the more relaxed you are the better your photos will be!

It can be overwhelming planning a wedding and I would know! Even as a wedding professional, when I was caught up in my own 'wedding fever' I found out what it can be like for a bride-to-be! 
Here are a few things we learned that changed the way we work.

- Photography should ENHANCE your wedding experience, but never take you away from the party!

- When you look at your photos, you will remember how you felt in that moment - It is SO important to be enjoying yourself!

- It is the organic moments and expressions captured in photographs that will make you smile and will stand the test of time.

- It is the WOW photos that will end up on your walls.

- You need to KNOW and TRUST yoru photographers!

Okay, so I am admittedly Dog Crazy with capital 'D' and 'C'... At least I live in a world with so many like-minded dog lovers!

Our furry friends are often the start of our families and they mean everything to us... And so they should, because we mean everything to them!

Pat and I knew it would likely be a bit of a hassle to have our crazy critters at our Wedding Ceremony but we just couldn't resist! 

As me for plenty of other ways to include your best fur friend even if you can't have them at the wedding... I have come up eith everything!

I am passionate and creative whenever given the chance. I’m bubbly and communicative, and I value authentic moments and the people in front of my camera.

I started my first photography course almost 2 decades ago, when I was still in high-school. My walls were covered in tear sheets of my favorite fashion photos. I had a beautiful film camera and would jot down my settings after every photo I took.

However, somewhere along the line photography stopped being just about pretty photos. It became about the experience of the shoot!

The most sincere and kind person I have ever known. He has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, and everybody around him is just drawn to his innocence and warmth.

Always with a genuine smile and a ‘how ya goin’ mate?’ he breaks down barriers and becomes part of the family. For some reason people just love him and you will have to meet him to see what I’m talking about!

Pat began in video but quickly, the world of photography and the expensive equipment caught his eye! He has been photographing weddings and commerical jobs for the past 9 years. He loves his primes lenses and always makes sure we have all the top equipment ready to use, and that it is clean and taken care of. He actually built our computers specially for our photography needs!

He is the more emotional one out of us, and as I look through his images I am constantly impressed with his candid, fun vibe. He has an eye for creating beautiful images and his photos have a certain romantic quality to them that I just can’t explain in words!

That should earn me a few brownie points… right?

January, 2018

I loved our wedding photos and you made me feel and look so beautiful!

Carissa + Ryan

March 2017

Alana + Eddie

The images were not only breathtaking, but we had so much fun and felt so comfortable with you! We felt like we had known you forever.

May  2020

Deone and Dan

The pictures are AMAZING!!!! You can see so much emotion in them and our friends and family are blown away. We have had so many compliments!

September, 2020

Kelci + Brian

Not only does their work speak for themselves, but these two are kind and generous, willing to go above and beyond. If you are looking for a photographer - STOP RIGHT NOW and book Mandy and Pat! You WON'T regret it!


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