FREE yourself



Free yourself to BE YOURSELVES

You dont need to be anything more than who you are at an engagement session. In fact, the whole point is to let your hair down and to become comfortable in your own skin.

We will help you by keeping you moving and laughing and leaping about. Then you can snuggle up together and have some quality couple time!

Engagement sessions are great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Bring a bottle of champagne or a flask of scotch and unwind.

Or let loose in your cowgirl boots or a good old acubra!

Bring your kids, puppy or the whole pack of dogs! 

Sometimes it is tricky to include our fur babies at our weddings so bringing them along for an engagement session is such a great addition to the shoot! The photos with them as well might just be the most meaningful to you both.

Or bring the kids and we can make the first half of the shoot a family session! 

Bring your (Fur?) family

Your little legacy starts here!

I am so passionate about how powerful movement can be in telling your love story and evoking emotion. Nothing can take you on a journey like a great love film. This is why we capture sneaky gif or a snippet of film in your engagement session!

a mini film