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Dog Friendly Wedding!

Have you been thinking about including your four-legged friends in your special day? You may have thought about finding a wedding dog minder. You might have thought about it and had the idea dismissed by your wedding planners and photographers, friends, or family. But now I’m here to give you an alternative look at what’s possible!

Let’s be real for a second. You’re closest family and friends know your pooch and how much you love them, right? So, do you think they’d be surprised to see that you chose to include your dog in your wedding? Probably not, right? So, here are 7 cute ways to include your dog in your wedding… and we promise you’ll be glad you did!

Krisinda and Kyle’s Elopement was the perfect opportunity to bring their furry friends!

1. Work With Animal-Friendly Vendors, A Wedding Dog Minder & A Confident Wedding Photographer

As you’re planning your wedding, make sure you look for an animal-friendly venue and a photographer experienced in working with dogs. Someone who is confident with animals so they’ll be able to capture their unique personalities. It may even be a good idea to hire a Wedding Dog Minder for the day, to make sure your pup is well cared for, safe, and behaves! They can also take your dog home for you so they can sleep in comfort and you can party all night long without a care in the world!

Here are links to THREE of our top Doggy Minder services for your wedding!

2. A Doggie Greeter

What could be more unique and unexpected than being greeted by your dog at your wedding? Your guests undoubtedly know your fur baby is part of your family but they may not expect that you make your dog part of the wedding. But, this is a really sweet way to tie your dog into your wedding day and you’re wedding guests will actually LOVE It! Think about it: you’ve just spent a huge amount of time planning, styling, rehearsing, and executing every detail of your dream day. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could start with something completely natural? When people see your handsome pup waiting in their cute little wedding suit for them at the entrance, they feel like they’re being greeted by a member of your family!

3. Doggie Duty – Ring Bearer

Want to have a little fun at your wedding ceremony? Have your dog bring in the rings after the groom pretends he has forgotten them! 

You’ve heard of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Well, for these brides and grooms below, it was all about something old. By having their four-legged friends fetch the rings from another room (or hiding place), these humans were able to easily incorporate their furry family members into their big day!

Even if you aren’t set on having your pet perform such a hilarious task during your ceremony (though we highly recommend it), there are plenty of other ways you can bring Fido along as well.


4. Canine Cake-Toppers

Cake-toppers are a fun and easy way to include your dog on your special day. There are so many cake-topper makers on Etsy and other online stores. You can have a cute replica of your pup made up for the occasion, or even your dog with yo and your fiancé – or better yet a cute little story of the two of you humans on the floor and your dog taking up the whole bed! 

Whatever fits with your little family and makes your guests laugh and smile! And who wouldn’t consider your doggie figuring a special keepsake of your wedding day to keep forever!?

5. Doggy Favors

When most people think of dog-centric wedding favors, they think of things like dog treats or leashes and collars, but dogs are more than just pets. To give guests a memento that lasts, consider including a photo of your pup (or pooches) on place cards. If you can’t do that for space reasons, consider a dog tag instead with information about where to find your furry friend online. Or even better, if you’re going on an epic honeymoon trip after saying I do, bring along some leftover bride or groom t-shirts as swag and ask guests to snap photos of them taking a walk with their new best friend while you’re away. They’ll love it!

6. Puppy Save-the-Dates and Wedding Invitations

Don’t forget that doggy-themed cards are always a huge hit! If you have your pup on your save-the-date or invitation then people will be sure not to throw it away. 

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want your save-the-dates and invitations to look like, this is a fun idea. 

You could even have your Facebook announcement as your pup with a cute announcement sign! Nobody is going to scroll past that! It might even end up being featured in The Knot or Pinterest! Plus, who doesn’t love making cheesy and sentimental DIY projects? These cards will show people how much care you put into everything from start to finish – so why wouldn’t they just jump at getting involved with your celebration?

7. Bring Your Dogs To Your Engagement Session

Okay, so I am admittedly Dog Crazy with a capital ‘D’ and ‘C’… But luckily I live in a world with so many like-minded dog lovers! Our furry friends are often the start of our families and they mean everything to us… And so they should because we mean everything to them!

I always encourage couples to bring their dogs to their engagement photos. Apart from my ulterior motive of wanting a good puppy cuddle, I really do see the value in including them in these memories. There’s no telling how much more meaningful your engagement photos will be with your pooch. They always bring such a beautiful authenticity to your shoot and having them there can lead you and your fiancé to some really special photos and interactions. Their spontaneous movements, undoubting excitement and unconditional love will always bring out sheer joy in you, which results in amazing photos.

A Doggy Engagement Session

If I do say so myself, they sure look like they had a blast! Pets at weddings sure do make things much more enjoyable and relaxed. They just seem to have a level of excitement that’s hard to match. But one thing is for sure, their unconditional love is infectious. We highly recommend having your dog at your wedding. Not just for the incredible photos, but the experience for everyone there will be unforgettable.

I hope you enjoy my totally cute suggestions and maybe even learn a thing or two about how to be creative with including your dog in your wedding 🙂 Also, feel free to comment on here any other good tips that you may have! We’d love to hear your ideas.

Dog at Wedding
We couldn’t resist but to bring our dogs to our wedding and we are so glad we did!

If you have enjoyed our post about doggies at weddings, and you like our style, get in touch to chat about your plans! We would love to help out in anyway we can. I will be keeping an eye out for your message and getting straight to work to make your dreams a reality.

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