Get your fiancé excited for wedding photos!

Do you want your fiance to be excited about wedding photos?

Of course you do! But sometimes it’s not that easy. So many of us (especially men) can be resistant to the idea of a ‘photo shoot’. And with good reason!

I think most of us have a mild case of PTSD when it comes to having our photo taken. Whether it is the memory of being held captive in front of the camera, politely holding a ‘big smile’ until our cheeks are quivering. Or it is simply having our photo taking in bad lighting and being horrified by the end result, only for it to be posted for the world to see!

Here are some of my top tips on what you need to do!

  1. MOVE IT and SHAKE IT! The opposite of still, boring and awkward is moving, fun and natural. So make sure your photographer encourages movement. I love lifts, dances and walking (sometimes with a spring in your step!) to get the ball rolling and start with something fun. And here is what’s more, is that even when you totally stuff it up and fall over together, that’s the shot I want! The one where you REALLY laugh, really smile, really enjoy yourselves!

2. Focus on letting go and being yourself. A lot of this had to do with getting out of your own head. Feeling comfortable around your photographer will have a huge impact on this. So it’s good to have a yarn before the shoot. And remember you do NOT have to be on your best behavior at a shoot! In fact, I prefer you not to be! If you are a bit of a joker, maybe play a little joke on your other half and get your photographer in on this!

3. Use it to score some Brownie Points! Bring a surprise gift to present to your fiance during the shoot! This one might require some pre-planning and some top ideas could be earrings or a necklace for her to wear at the wedding, a perfume, or a short but sweet note to let her know something you love about her. You could even just pick a nice flower for her if you don’t have a gift. Let your photographer in on the surprise so they can set a comfortable, quiet scene and give you some space, photographing candids out of the way.


Hopefully you have found something useful here! If you are keen to plan something fun.


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