How to choose a wedding photographer for Your Australian wedding

How to choose a wedding photographer for Your Australian wedding?

Wedding Photography is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your special day. So it’s important to choose a perfect wedding photographer in Brisbane whose photos you love now and will adore in years to come, who makes you feel comfortable and is the right fit for your Australian wedding.

Your wedding photos are something you’ll keep forever and they are the one thing that will increase in value to you over the years. There’s always something magical about witnessing the excitement of a wedding through the lens of a photographer, as memories are shared and emotions are stirred through stunning photography. Wedding films are even more powerful and shoud bring you to tears as you reminisce on the momentous day!

The wedding photographer plays an essential role, as the couple entrusts them with capturing the most significant moments of their lives in precise detail.

As a professional wedding photographer in Brisbane, Villacorte Studios has a wealth of experience in capturing memorable wedding photos. Here are some tips about what to look for when choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding.


wedding photographer in Brisbane.

Here are our 8 tips and things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding photographer for your Australian wedding.


Do your research and decide what kind of photography style you want for your wedding photos. Narrow down photographers that match your style, be it candid, traditional, artistic or emotional.

If you’re not entirely sure which photography style resonates with you, check out Pinterest wedding boards. You may find what you want.

You can ask photographers to share their previous work and albums too.


A photographer’s editing style is a perfect way to see their expertise rights away. If every shot in one’s portfolio is edited differently, the photographer hasn’t yet found his signature style.

Always keep an eye out for stability. Editing style consistency is a good indicator of expertise and experience.


If your relatives and friends have been pleased with the service and photos of a certain photographer, chances are you will be as well. But keep in mind that everyone has different taste and different personalities that they enjoy being around so make sure you also connect with their style and energy.

Ask your friends about their experiences and try to use insights and guidance from those who have planned weddings before.


Have they shot at your venue? It is never essential for a photographer to have shot at a location for them to produce stunning photos, as long as they research the area and have a plan in place for the big day. That said, sometimes once we have explored a venue we usually have a few secret gems tucked away for stunning photos that we would love to take you to!

It’s also a smart option for the photographer to connect with the venue owner/wedding coordinator to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the day’s agenda.


One of my clients booked a renowned candid photographer for her niece’s wedding. She was very excited about having him shoot the big day. Unfortunately, he turned out to be quite full of himself borderlining on rude.

Even though reviews and word of mouth are important, choose a photographer you feel comfortable with. Your friend or relative might hit it off really well with that photographer but that does not mean you and your partner have to feel the same way.

I know it’s difficult, but try to meet with the photographers before you book them for your wedding. This person is going to capture some of the most important memories of your life, you need someone who is friendly and brings out the best in you.


A photographer’s cost structure should be transparent, and you should be upfront on your budgeting as well. Because neither of you wants to misspend time, a direct conversation from the start should address this.

Make sure there aren’t any hidden costs or fees after the wedding or on the delivery of the photos.


wedding photographer for Your Australian wedding.

Many times we get calls from couples that their wedding photographer has canceled suddenly, or there is an emergency or they can’t make it.

Ask the question, they should have a network of photographers they trust and may be able to fill in for them so that this is never going to be a problem for you. Make sure your photographer has a Plan B, for an emergency.


Schedule an in-person meeting with the photographers, go through their work, and how do they come across? Do you feel comfortable with them? Do their answers make you at ease? Make sure you feel happy with them, feel at ease, and can trust them to capture the big day of your life.

When talking with them you should feel relaxed, like talking to a friend or someone you have known for years. If you feel comfortable with them, it will help for better and more natural photos.


Wedding photographers often get booked one or two years in advance, so when you have found your photographer, don’t take too much time or you may be disappointed if they book out. Peak wedding season in Brisbane is April to May and then August to November and is often booked out very quickly!

A deposit and signed contract will be required to secure your date, so do it ASAP. Most photographers will offer bookings on a first come first booking basis. And any photographer who is in demand will not hold your date for long without some kind of commitment from you.

final thoughts

These are the most important tips to choose a perfect Brisbane wedding photographer for your Australian? wedding. A wedding can be ruined by a bad photographer or someone you do not love being around.

Choose your wedding photographer and videographer whose work you LOVE. Put your trust in them to capture your day, enjoy it and let them work their magic.

Complete trust between you and your photographer will result in memorable photos that you will cherish forever. And a great experience!

Now you know how to choose a wedding photographer in Brisbane that will create lasting memories of your wedding day!

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