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How to Pull Off a Perfect Wedding Sparklers Exit!

The perfect wedding day needs the perfect ending and send-off. And with this handy guide on how to pull off a perfect wedding exit, yours is sure to be epic!

The last few moments of any wedding are like an unforgettable, orchestrated finale of a fairytale movie. Everything needs to be organized in synchronized and photograph-ready. Everyone has seen movies where the couple leaves in a car trailed by tin cans or walks off into the sunset under a shower of rice, birdseed, flowers, or glitter. But SPARKLERS is a whole different level. If you want a magical and unforgettable wedding exit, sparklers are where it’s at.

But to get it right, you must plan your wedding exit; winging it won’t do. Thankfully, you can infuse many creative ideas into your wedding exit to make it perfect and memorable.


Capture that Moment During Sparkle Exit

Before we get into how to pull off a perfect wedding exit, let’s discuss an essential detail – PHOTOGRAPHY.

If you don’t have awesome photos to look back on, you’ll be disappointed! But when it comes to capturing and preserving your grand sparkler exit, you must have a skilled photographer.

How Do You Get The Best Shot Of A Sparkler Exit?

Apart from hiring an ace photographer, it is paramount that there is the right lighting at the venue, and remember that the lit sparklers will create most of the light . We suggest you speak with your photographer before the event to get your entire plan in place. You’ll need to have someone be the ring leader in rounding everyone up, passing out the sparklers, and getting into position. That person is not your photographer. Your wedding planner is the best person to handle this task, but your Maid of Honor or Best Man can also handle the duties.

Tips For Epic Wedding Sparkler Photos

One of our best tips is to walk through your sparkler exit, don’t run. Enjoy the moment and look around at how cool all of the sparklers look! PLUS once we have the money shots (we always chat to our couples if we do this) we occasionally slow our shutter just a little to allow some movement in the sparks! So have a chat to find what technique your photographer is using to capture the moment, and check if they would like you to slow things down or to go crazy. And it’s the last part of your wedding, so you should slow down and soak it all in.

Another one of our favorite tips for capturing the best shots of your wedding sparkler exit is to pause halfway down the line for a kiss. It’s a great way to get a fabulous photo that you’ll undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime. Pausing halfway can give the best shot as sparklers in front of you will light you up beautifully!

And, of course, you need a great pose or kiss at the end of the exit line. Your photographer can even be ready with an off-camera flash to make your image pop!


Don’t be one of those people who look back after many years and wish they had an epic wedding sparkler exit. You only get to have that dream wedding once, right? So, you have to take advantage and do it right. And that includes having a send-off that is full of excitement and love. 

Sparkler sendoffs have been around for a while and are still reigning supreme. They are going to be one of the hottest 2022 wedding exit ideas. Chances are you have seen a movie with a classic wedding scene with a sparkling exit and probably fell in love with the whole fairytale look, and for good reason. They just seem to stir up some really happy emotions inside. And when the guests’ love for the couple is deep, there’s nothing more magical than sending them off to their honeymoon on cloud nine. 

The Best Sparklers For Wedding Exits

Unless you’re a sparkler fanatic, chances are that you have no idea how many different types of sparklers there are. Yep! We were pretty shocked as well. There are regular sparklers, short sparklers, long sparkers, smokeless sparklers, neon sparklers, heart-shaped sparklers, and more. Whew! That’s a lot to choose from. So, which are best for your wedding exit?

Make sure you get the big long sparklers! At least 40cm long sparklers. They offer a 2-3 minute burn time, giving you enough time to have all of he sparklers lit up and and then to get through the tunnel of cheering guests – and you should even have time to get fancy with some dance moves and spins! 

Here are our Top 5 links to buy sparklers for your wedding:

  1. Aussie Wedding Shop
  2. Discount Party Warehouse
  3. Unique Party Shop
  4. The Base Warehouse
  5. Lombard

What Else Do I Need To Buy For My Sparkler Exit?

Can you imagine you put a lot of thought into your epic wedding send off, organized it down to the smallest detail, only to realize you forgot the most important thing – the lighters? LOL, Tragic, right? Make sure to add lighters to your list of things to get for your sparkler exit. It’s no news that sparklers burn out quickly, so make sure to have plenty. You don’t want to have just a handful because the first one’s sparklers will probably have gone out by the time it gets to the last guests. 

I love a good old hard-core chefs gas lighter – no need for burned fingers when multiple sparklers light up at once. And there is a little wind it shouldn’t be such a problem.

When you have a lot of sparklers on hand, everyone will be able to light up simultaneously, which makes the experience hassle-free and colorful.

How Many Sparklers Do I Need For My Grand Exit?

Lastly, make sure you have enough sparklers for your guests. Sure! You could just get one sparkler for each guest, but if you really want to light up the night and have an incredible backdrop for your final photos, we suggest you give each guest 2 sparklers

But! Here’s an important tip. . . don’t allow your guests that have had too much to drink to get their hands on the sparklers. 

sparkler photo running exit

Basic Wedding Sparkler Safety

It’s no secret that sparklers can be dangerous if not handled properly, so when safety measures are not in place, a grand exit could quickly turn into a disaster. And no one wants that on their wedding day. 

Here are some general exit safety things to consider. 

  1. Don’t let children handle them alone.
  2. Remove your veil before running through the hot sparklers!
  3. Keep the wedding sparklers away from clothing and alcohol
  4. Only use “true” wedding sparklers (not regular sparklers)
  5. Do it outside
  6. Allow enough space between guests 
  7. Remember – sparklers are still hot even after they are out

Another important tip is to have fire extinguishers on hand – your venue should have this covered. 

And one last wedding sparkler safety tip, avoid lighting too many sparklers together. Lighting a group of sparklers together can cause a mini-explosion which can send embers flying everywhere. This could cause injuries, so light them one at a time. 

Sparkler Disposal

Sparklers are still hot even when the light is out. Therefore, it is paramount that you dispose of the sparklers right away to avoid any likely hazards.

Bucket of Water – You can throw them inside a bucket of water after the performance. However, it is essential to note that dousing sparklers inside water only works for medium-sized sparklers. After only 30 seconds, they’ll become inert and can be thrown away.

Bucket of Sand – Another way to dispose of your wedding sparklers is by eliminating the oxygen source. A great way to do that is by smothering them in the sand. Have a few large buckets of loose sand close by and instruct your guests to submerge the hot end down into the sand simply. 

A sparkler exit is a unique way to conclude your reception on a high note and involve all of your guests on your wedding day. It’s a great way to convey to visitors that it’s time to go home without being awkward. You’ll also get some unforgettable photographs to add to your wedding experience as a bonus!

Above all, have a good time with it! Those photographs will make you grin every time you look back on them to remember the beautiful finale of your special day as long as you’re smiling and enjoying the moment.


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