How to plan your Wedding Day Timeline

So, you want to plan the perfect wedding but you just don’t know how much you need for everything?

Well, don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Today is all about how to plan Your Wedding Day Timeline. Now before we dive into this topic deep rabbit hole of details let me give y’all my biggest tip: It’s going take longer than what seems like at first glance (trust me).

It’s always better to leave yourself plenty of wiggle room and not feel rushed on your Wedding Day. There is so much going on already it will be over so quickly. So, don’t rush it!

My biggest tip for how to plan Your Wedding Day Timeline is allow time so you can handle any hiccups with grace and poise!

Getting Ready at the Boys

If you just have one photographer and one videographer, just have the the boys get ready a little early! It is no big drama – they can just chill and have a drink before they leave for the ceremony.

Boys usually need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony anyway, so it works out well with timing.

We always schedule 1 hour for photography at the boys, however, it is usually much quicker than this.

We know the last thing guys want to do is pose for photos for an HOUR, OMG! But it gives us time to capture some great details shots, and then we have plenty of time to help with those fiddly boutonnieres – I have yet to meet a groom who knows exactly how to put them on! We always help with this because is it important to get it right.

You might want to write a letter to your significant other to add another element of emotion, especially for video!

Getting Ready at the Girls

If you’re like me, then getting ready before a big event is a bit of an adrenaline rush! It’s all fun and champagne until your photographer reminds you ’30 mins before we have to go girls’!

But don’t worry, because as with any other aspect in life preparation is everything so when things come up (and they probably will), you will have some buffer time and can keep your cool, calm and confident aire!

I always allow 1 1/2 hours for the photo and film team at Bridal prep. And believe me we quite often need all of that time especially with large bridal parties!

The Bridal Details and morning giggle!

The beautiful bridal details and dress hung elegantly, the girls in the cute prep gowns and the giggles in between. Allow plenty of girly time in the morning with your bridesmaids. Have some gifts to offer and watch them unwrap them with those big wedding morning smiles!

Then we send the bridesmaids and family to get dressed. I think in many cases it takes longer to have 4 bridesmaids get dressed than the bride! Add some last touches of make-up and a quick bathroom break to that!

Plan for some special moments

Allow some time to read a heartfelt letter from your fiancé. If you have a lace up dress, it is great is one of your girls has been shown how to lace it. We can always help as we so often do, but it is nice if your bridesmaid or mum is already super confident to do this. It can take 30 minutes to get everything sitting just right.


Relax and have some fun with your girls – as we say goodbye to head off to the ceremony!

The Ceremony

Usually, the groom will need to arrive at least 30 minutes early to touch base with the celebrant and greet the guests.  The bride can arrive on time or fashionably late – just 5 minutes though! So that nothing is actually delayed. 

The average ceremony lasts 20 -30 minutes. Some church weddings can last an hour or more, so make sure you know how long your own big event will take!

Your celebrant will be able to give you a good idea of this, and will factor in any special rituals you would like to include. Would you like to do a sand pouring ceremony? Or hands tying or a candle lighting ceremony? These are most popular when we are also bring children into the marriage, or if we have loved ones who have passed over.

Family Portraits

The last thing your family wants is to be bossed around at such a beautiful event – so we NEVER do this! We always allow a little time for them to congratulate you before moving into photos. And we always approach the big group photos in a FUN and FRIENDLY manner. A few jokes never go astray, and humor can be your best friend when asking 100 people to move as one!

The more organized you are the faster things go. Let me tell ya, I’ve seen some crazy pictures because people were running all over trying to find their stray family members who have ducked off to the toilet or are lining up at the bar!

We have a trick to know which shots you will want and we go over the details 3 weeks before the big day to make sure we are spot on! However, if you have another photographer booked though, have a list prepared with names on it – one copy for your photographer and one for a designated helper. And make sure someone announces if extended family will be needed in photos so you don’t have guests wander off before their photo with you.

The Bridal Party Portraits and Couple Shoot

Personally, I am a huge fan of a party! Ask anyone! So I totally understand that you don’t want to be dragged away from your guests for a long time for a 3 hours long photoshoot. And forgive me here, but I would collapse exhausted if I had to shoot for 3 hours straight!

Most professionals can pull off a full couples photo shoot in 15 minutes if needed. Of course, I always ask for my couples to set aside an hour so we can explore a range of beautiful areas and have some fun time after the ‘money shots’ have been nailed! It’s also a great time to relax and enjoy being together on your wedding day.

Usually, your reception venue will have a time that they need the bridal party back by – so that they can have the food prepared to be served at the set time. It is a big and urgent job for the kitchen staff to have 50, 100, 200+ plates of food hot and ready at the precise time to be served, so make sure you are back in time.

A little time for a hair and make-up touch up before your entrance?

Wedding planning and timelines can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that all you really need is the two of you.

With a little bit of organization and forethought, you can plan an incredible day!

We hope you find this helpful.

If you are still struggling with wedding planning and would like some extra guidance, schedule your 10 minute call with someone who has seen it all!

Or download our free sample timelines!

Whether your wedding is in Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn

in South East Queensland we got your back!

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